R2HCAI: The AAAI 2023 Workshop on
Representation Learning for 
Responsible Human-Centric AI

Accepted Papers

The accepted papers are listed here.
  • Through a fair looking-glass: mitigating bias in image datasets - Amirarsalan Rajabi (University Of Central Florida) Mehdi Yazdani-Jahromi (University Of Central Florida) Ozlem Garibay (University Of Central Florida) Gita Sukthankar (University Of Central Florida) - Paper Poster Video
  • The Measurement of Knowledge in Knowledge Graphs - Jason Xiaotian Dou (University Of Pittsburgh) Haiyi Mao (University Of Pittsburgh) Runxue Bao (University Of Pittsburgh) Paul Pu Liang (Carnegie Mellon University) Xiaoqing Tan (University Of Pittsburgh) Shiyi Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University) Minxue Jia (University Of Pittsburgh) Pengfei Zhou (University Of Pittsburgh) Zhi-Hong Mao (University Of Pittsburgh) - Paper Poster Video
  • Dataset Distillation for Medical Dataset Sharing - Guang Li (Hokkaido University) Ren Togo (Hokkaido University) Takahiro Ogawa (Hokkaido University) Miki Haseyama (Hokkaido University) - Paper Poster Video
  • Model-agnostic and Scalable Counterfactual Explanations via Reinforcement Learning - Robert-Florian Samoilescu (Seldon Technologies Ltd.) Arnaud Van Looveren (Seldon Technologies) Janis Klaise (Seldon Technologies) - Paper Poster Video
  • Flickr Africa: Examining Geo-Diversity in Large-Scale, Human-Centric Visual Data - Keziah Naggita (Ttic) Julienne M Lachance (Sony Ai) Alice Xiang (Partnership On Ai) - Paper Poster
  • Dive into the Resolution Augmentations and Metrics in Low Resolution Face Recognition: A Plain yet Effective New Baseline - Xu Ling (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.) Yichen Lu (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.) Wenqi Xu (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.) Weihong Deng (Inspur) Yingjie Zhang (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd) Xingchen Cui (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.) Hongzhi Shi (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd) Dongchao Wen (Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.) - Paper Poster Video
  • Towards a Deeper Understanding of Concept Bottleneck Models Through End-to-End Explanation - Jack Furby (Cardiff University) Alun Preece (Cardiff University) Dave Braines (Ibm Research) Daniel Cunnington (Ibm) - Paper Poster Video
  • Feature Instability Search for Multi-Way Explainability - Sean Kelly (University Of Notre Dame) Meng Jiang (University Of Notre Dame) - Paper Poster Video
  • A Case Study in Fairness Evaluation: Current Limitations and Challenges for Human Pose Estimation - Julienne M Lachance (Sony Ai) William Thong (Sony Ai) Shruti Nagpal (Sony Ai) Alice Xiang (Partnership On Ai) - Paper Poster
  • Understanding Text Classification Data and Models Using Aggregated Input Salience - Sebastian Ebert (Google) Alice Shoshana Jakobovits (Google) Katja Filippova (Google Research) - Paper Poster Video
  • Towards Human-Interpretable Prototypes for Visual Assessment of Image Classification Models - Poulami Sinhamahapatra (Fraunhofer Iks) Lena Heidemann (Fraunhofer Iks) Maureen Monnet (Fraunhofer Iks) Karsten Roscher (Fraunhofer Iks) - Paper Poster Video
  • Quantifying the Impact of Label Noise on Federated Learning - Shuqi G Ke (The Chinese University Of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) Chao Huang (University Of California, Davis) Xin Liu (University Of California) - Paper Poster Video
  • Keypoint-wise Adaptive Loss for Whole-Body Human Pose Estimation - Bongjo Seong (Nhn Cloud Corp.) Hyug Jae Lee (Nhn Cloud Corp.) Rokkyu Lee (Nhn Cloud Corp.) - Paper Poster Video
  • A Human-Centric Assessment Framework for AI - Sascha Saralajew (Nec Laboratories Europe) Ammar Shaker (Nec Laboratories Europe) Zhao Xu (Nec Laboratories Europe) Kiril Gashteovski (Nec Laboratories Europe) Bhushan Kotnis (NEC Laboratories Europe ) Wiem Ben Rim (Nec Laboratories Europe) Juergen Quittek (Nec Laboratories Europe) Carolin Lawrence (Nec Laboratories Europe) - Paper Poster Video
  • ArgAnalysis35K : A large-scale dataset for Argument Quality Analysis - Omkar J Joshi (College Of Engineering, Pune) Priya N Pitre (College Of Engineering, Pune) Dr. Mrs. Yashodhara V. Haribhakta (College Of Engineering Pune) - Paper Poster Video
  • A system for Human-AI collaboration for Online Customer Support - Debayan Banerjee (University Of Hamburg) Mathis Poser (University Of Hamburg) Christina Wiethof (Universität Hamburg) Varun Shankar Subramanian (University Of Bonn) Richard Paucar (University Of Hamburg) Eva Bittner (University Of Hamburg) Chris Biemann (University Of Hamburg) - Paper Poster Video
  • The Shape of Explanations: A Topological Account of Rule-Based Explanations in Machine Learning - Brett C Mullins (University Of Massachusetts, Amherst) - Paper Poster Video
  • Adaptive Histogram Equalization in Diabetic Retinopathy Detection - Daniela Parletta (Modis) Giovanna Purgato (Modis Consulting Srl) - Paper Poster Video
  • AI in Medical Diagnosis: AI Prediction vs Human Judgment - Dora Göndöcs (Körúti Medical Center) Viktor Dörfler (University Of Strathclyde Business School) - Paper Poster
  • Dynamic Outcomes-Based Clustering of Disease Trajectory in Mechanically Ventilated Patients - Emma Rocheteau (University Of Cambridge) Ioana Bica (Oxford) Pietro Lió (University Of Cambridge) Ari Ercole (University Of Cambridge) - Paper Poster Video
  • Human-in-the-loop mixup - Katherine M Collins (University Of Cambridge) Umang Bhatt (University Of Cambridge) Weiyang Liu (University Of Cambridge) Vihari Piratla (Cambridge University) Bradley Love (University College London) Adrian Weller (University Of Cambridge) - Paper Poster Video
  • Data Driven Reward Initialization for Preference based Reinforcement Learning - Mudit Verma (Arizona State University) Subbarao Kambhampati (Arizona State University) - Paper Poster
  • Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Feedback Efficient Human Preference based Reinforcement Learning - Mudit Verma (Arizona State University) Siddhant Bhambri (Arizona State University) Subbarao Kambhampati (Arizona State University) - Paper Poster
  • A State Augmentation based approach to Reinforcement Learning from Human Preferences - Mudit Verma (Arizona State University) Subbarao Kambhampati (Arizona State University) - Paper Poster
  • A Mental-Model Centric Landscape of Human-AI Symbiosis - Zahra Zahedi (Arizona State University) Sarath Sreedharan (Colorado State University) Subbarao Kambhampati (Arizona State University) - Paper Poster
  • Temporal Supervised Contrastive Learning with Applications to Tabular Time Series Data - Shahriar Noroozizadeh (Carnegie Mellon University) George H Chen (Carnegie Mellon University) Jeremy Weiss (Carnegie Mellon University) - Paper Poster Video
  • Contextualized Multi-Step Commonsense Reasoning through Context Extension - Hecong Wang (University Of Rochester) Erqian Xu (University Of Rochester) Pinxin Liu (University Of Rochester) Zijian Meng (University Of Rochester) Zhen Bai (University Of Rochester) - Paper Poster Video
  • Moral Foundations of Large Language Models - Marwa Abdulhai (Berkeley ) Clément Crepy (Google) Dasha Valter (Google) John F Canny (Uc Berkeley) Natasha Jaques (Google Research) - Paper Poster
  • Analyzing Contextualized Knowledge Base Aware Representation Learning models for Word Sense Disambiguation - Mozhgan Saeidi (Stanford University) - Paper Poster